Iowa start-up launches new product!

ShowPal, a Des Moines, Iowa based start-up founded by Chad Torstenson, recently launched its first product named ShowPal ID!

ShowPal ID, the first of multiple products and services planned by ShowPal’s CEO, is designed to enable increased safety for Realtors as they meet and interact with clients who often are not personally known to them.  ShowPal ID performs on-the-go identity verification of homebuyers on behalf of real estate agents in advance of engaging with a client so that all parties know who is involved before they meet for the first time.

“Every year real estate professionals are placed in harms way by individuals fraudulently posing as a prospective client.  The statistics of crimes committed against Realtor’s such as robbery, physical assault, sexual assault and homicide are staggering. We intend to change that,” says Torstenson. 

In order to accomplish the goal of building software solutions for the Realty industry, ShowPal engaged Trility Consulting, also of Des Moines, Iowa, to help design, build and deliver a cloud-based software solution that seeks to address a very important problem in today’s real estate marketplace — the safety of Realtors and Buyers.

Trility Consulting focuses on helping companies adopt, build and operate in secure enterprise cloud frameworks so companies can focus on serving customers.

Visit ShowPal’s site! Or stay in touch with them on Twitter  and Facebook!

Update: In the true spirit of a start-up’s need to test, learn and refactor, ShowPal published and tested ShowPal ID and determined that while an important problem to solve, this product doesn’t meet ShowPal’s own requirements for viability. Resultantly, this product has been put to sleep with the potential of re-launching in the future if and when it makes sense. It is hard to build and deliver product.



Author: Matthew D Edwards

President and CEO Trility Consulting