A Repeatable, Custom Solution for CCPA

Breaks down the business problem CCPA presents and outlines a solution approach to comply

How to Comply with CCPA Requirements

In this video, you’ll gain a high-level understanding of how your organization can comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) using a solution-based approach.

California Consumer Privacy Act: Solution Approach

1:00-3:29 Minutes | Defining the Business Problem

You’ll gain a basic understanding of the business problem CCPA presents to organizations by looking at it from two perspectives: The consumer making a request and an internal employee who is tasked with responding to the consumer request.

Demonstration of a Solution Approach to CCPA

3:30-5:42 | Consumer Request

You’ll walk through how a consumer would make a CCPA request from your website. CCPA requires organizations provide a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on their websites that allows the consumer to make that request, as well as a request to delete their personal information or have their personal information shown to them.

5:42-10:00 | Internal Process

This section of the video shows how an internal team member can review and respond to a consumer requesting to have their information shown to them. This solution approach also allows for a manual review process that can be integrated with an automated one.

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Internet of Things: Connecting the Physical World to Your Business

Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect to the ever-growing network of devices

Companies are looking to use Internet of Things (IoT) to connect, modernize, or invent services and products. Extremely large volumes of sensitive data come out of IoT ecosystems. Preparing for how you plan to use and secure the data are essential conversations to have from the start.

See how Trility helped three clients build new products and services, expand solutions, and invent new ways to create efficiencies and experiences to their customer’s delight.

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Jesse / Samsung SmartThings

Four Things Cloud Service Providers Won’t Tell You that Could Be Costing You Money

Cloud adoption requires adopting a new mindset to provide a return on investment.

The Bottom Line // Moving to the cloud requires a new way of thinking and managing services. Cloud adoption requires adopting a new mindset to provide a return on investment. Start with a clear goal, preferably a specific application or service, as you take your company to the cloud to minimize the cost of acquisition while your teams learn and grow in the new environment.

Download our handout and read the four things you can do to ensure the cost of acquisition is minimized and the return on investment is maximized.